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Many thanks and congrats to those eagle-eyed fans who were able to spot Pemberley Digital-related stuff on Wendy’s shelves from my last post.  I’ve circled the things that crossed over — most of them were things that belonged to me personally, so you’re all just learning the terrible secret that, when I can, I just steal set dressing from myself.

  • The elephant on Wendy’s shelf was indeed the elephant Bing Lee gave to Jane (via Lizzie) in Episode 29 of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  That elephant is one of my stuffed animals and has a lion friend as well that nearly made an appearance in both series.  The bear sitting next to our elephant friend was also nearly on Lizzie’s shelf — in fact, he sat on her shelf through the first eight episodes, but no one could see him.
  • These black and white canisters were part of the (fictional) Pemberley Digital set.  They were in the background in the two main angles and I *think* there was one that ended up off-screen in Gigi’s Domino videos recorded in her office at Pemberley Digital.  
  • The Anne Fadiman books (which are some of my absolute favorites — read them!) were also in multiple places in Lizzie’s office and were what she put into her bag in episode 84.  All of the books on Wendy’s shelves are mine.  I pretty much grabbed the books I love best and put them on her shelf, because why not have a character I like have my taste in books?
  • That little yellow potted plant made it’s way into one block of Emma Approved episodes only to wander away again the next month.  It’s another thing I stole from myself to add something new to Emma’s space.  Emma’s office has more change in it than any other Pemberley Digital set.  The theory has always that Emma’s always rearranging the stuff in her office — and more than any other character — has the money to buy new things on a whim.
  • The subtlest nod to Pemberley Digital and Welcome to Sanditon was using one of the pillows from Gigi Darcy’s room at the Sanditon House B&B in Wendy’s room.  Those pillows (and almost all of Gigi’s bedding) ended up as my bedding, so with such easy access to a pillow that perfectly matched my color scheme for Wendy’s room, I couldn’t resist grabbing it.
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