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So, the pocket watch!  The idea came out of talking through the episode during our very last production meeting.  Of course William Darcy would have a pocket watch.  There is no other Darcy watch option.

I wanted to take nice artsy pictures of it and post them for you to enjoy (and I will), but it seems the watch and I aren’t in the same place today.  In lieu of that, I’ll give you a link to buy your very own.

I got Darcy’s pocket watch on Amazon, and although I liked a couple other options a little better, for the sake of budget, I went with this one.  I liked the charcoal grey finish and the engraved back so much.  It’s smaller than I expected and a little more embellished than quite comes across on screen, but it is a lovely little watch.

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    I’m still debating whether I want to buy this. Maybe my next pay cheque so I don’t feel so guilty.
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    If it’s smaller and fancier than expected, then I’m going with the headcannon that it was his mother’s watch. That...
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    A fob watch by any other name… hope he doesn’t hear drums…
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    Amazon suddenly sees a random spike in pocket watch sales.
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    I love pocket watches. Men of the world, bring ‘em back.
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    Lol I’m pretty sure this is the same one my boyfriend has.
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    OMG! To buy or not to buy, that is the question…
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